That Day In Davos: Kalla vs 300HP SUV


…that day in 2017 when we somehow missed Charlotte Kalla on the ski tracks and had to chase then-double Olympic champion through half of Davos to take pictures – any pictures of her 😬🤫.

Not sure why Charlotte, one the biggest stars on the circuit , was not chaperoned/ driven as per usual by some team staff member and chaos to run to her hotel instead.

It must have been a show: a trim & fit skier running along the streers closely followed by a pitch-black SUV with two rather burly looking bearded men with large cameras. Even seen-it-all locals ( we are in Davos, Switzerland, remember?) were looking with some interest. Must have thought a scene from James Bond 007 is being filmed or something.

At the end even Charlotte’s fast pace was no match for a 300HP-strong motor revved by very determined photogs. Belated sorry if we scared you back then, Ms. Kalla! At least we have a memory to share now!

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