Art Of Thermobelt Or Creativity Takes Courage

What’s a thermobelt in the life of a skier? A utilitarian convenience? Yet another place for advertising messages ?

That’s where things stood for decades. But with the advent of weather resistant highlighters & stickers , it is slowly turning into a canvas to show off one’s creativity.

Team Sweden juniors are in avantguard of the new trend, judging by this impromptu exhibition worn by their coach Ida Ingemarsdotter
Linn Svahn goes for laconic yet classy golden L
Emma Ribom uses the whole allotted space to create her art
” Thermobelt Art” is quickly catching on outside Team Sweden: here’s Hristina Matsokina with her message to the world
Australian skier Katerina Paul has a penchant for pink dragons…
…and another Russian on this list, Natalia Mekryukova, has a penchant for white ponies
White ponies are also the thing for JC Schoonmaker from Team USA
…and only Team Norway is yet to put their creativity on display

Henri Matisse once said “Creativity takes courage”. That totally includes white ponies, pink dragons and multiple stars on one’s piece of gear. Never shy from giving your fans something to talk about!

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