Six Months To Go To Oberstdorf 2021 World Championships

“Es wird keine Geister-WM geben!”/”There will be no ghost World Championships! “

That was a reaction by the organizers when they were recently asked whether holding the event without spectators as a worst-case scenario is under consideration.

Just to remind you, the FIS World Ski Championships 2021 in Oberstdorf is scheduled to take place from February 23 to March 7, 2021.

Alexander Bolshunov is one of those who is expected to star on international stage in the upcoming season – one hopes there would be a stage to star on…

And it looks like the organizers are sparing no expense trying to make it disease-safe. The leading German hygiene & epidemiological research labs are tasked with developing and implementing
elaborate COVID-stop procedures that will be tested this December during the Four Hills ski jumping tournament.

Peter Schlickenrieder agrees:

“Oberstdorf world championships is safe. When I compare how Covid affected different countries and how they dealt with it, I think we are quite strict here in Germany. The championships will take place, I’m quite confident. Whether with spectators, with reduced amount of spectators or, absolutely worst case, none at all – that remains to be seen. The skiing is an individual sport and it’s an outdoor sport – therefore the least dangerous compared to many other sports”

One has to remember that Schlickenrieder is not only the head coach of the German xcski team – he’s the nationally known sports commentator and business consultant.

As to the home team medal plans in Oberstdorf, Petter is hands-on pragmatic:

“Our best hopes for Oberstdorf are team competitions: relays and female Team Sprint. Perhaps, some chance in sprint for girls. We have 9-10 strong girls in the team, that really helps in team events”

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