First Time At Blink, Johannes Klaebo Puts On Display His Brutally Effective Downhill Technique


Johannes Høsflot Klæbo, the most decorated male skier of our times, shall also be remembered for decades to come as someone who revolutionized the technique.

His trademark ” diagonal uphill running” is now being emulated even by 12 year olds – to chagrine of ski purists.

The true world class athletes, however, are trying to master less obvious but oh-so-brutally effective way the 23 year old Norwegian goes downhill, winning himself meters and split seconds with each move.

On Friday Klaebo has shown that it’s not about how good his snow skis are waxed – it’s all in technique. Competing at Blink Skifest Sprint for the first time, he gave the opposition no chance on downhills – and that was a joy fo watch.

Photo is courtesy of Rune Helliesen/ Blink

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