We Talk To Victoria Carl, Who Turns 25 Today

Victoria Carl had a thunderous entry to the international skiing as a youngster: a few collected so many medals, including 5 golds, at the junior leve (including the Youth Olympics, JWM and U23). The skiing fans held their breath half-fearing , half-hoping for Victoria’s dominant entry to the “grown up world”…

The triumphant march hasn’t just quite happened yet although Victoria’s 5th, 6th and 4th finishes at the World Championships in Seefeld left no one in doubt about the powerful Thuringhian’s abilities.

Today Victoria turns 25, the age of wisdom in the modern sking – and is looking forward to a domestic World Championships next year.

We crossed paths with Ms.Carl earlier this month:

The main goal for the Oberstdorf 2021 is a medal in relay and/ or team sprint. We were 4th and 6th in those in Seefeld 2019 – it’s time to make the next step.
The secondary goals include 10k and individial sprint, but it would be hard to fight for the podium in either.

The top competitions like the Olympics and the World Championships should have more team competitions. I’m all for Mixed Relay, for instance – biathlon has it, why not us?

By contrast, I’m not a huge fan of more exotic formats. Our top coach thinks differently (laughs), but for me 100m Supersprint is not cross-country skiing, it’s something else enterily.


Cross-country skiing is a great sport and we need to bring more children into it , but one has to understand and on professional level you don’t do it half way. We spend more than 250 days / year away from home training and practicing.


My Instagram reflects my life: training this way here, training that way there. My biggest hobby is probably playing with our family dog, Janos. He’s a German Shepard and is incredibly smart.

I love my Atomic skis. I think with each new model they’re getting better and better. I don’t know why are so few women in elite skiing use them, but my style they fit perfectly.

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