Packaging Can Be Theater…

“Packaging can be theater, it can create a story.”

You know who said? Steve Jobs. If you need higher authority on how to do marketing, you’re much smarter than us.

Apple allegedly maintains a special “unpackaging room” where hundreds of potential package designs are being tried & tested to get the all-important unwrapping experience perfect.

The august world of cross country skiing,by contrast, holds true that every product should reach the end customer in packaging that not only is made of recycled material – it also looks recycled.

That environmentalist in us applauds the former – but consumer in us has an issue with the latter.

Enter Spine Sports. And casts a glance at the packaging issue.

Those €500 boots come to you in box that actually looks like it contains an expensive item – totally Apple style, if you ask us

The Russians refuse to do things the common way. By the standards of the xcskiing world, it’s a huge company with millions in turnover. Yet they refuse to sponsor the World Cup-level athletes as marketing strategy and concentrate on other things: customization, offering color choice – and now fancy box too.

The strategy seems to work: Instagram is fast filling up with customers doing unboxing of Spine Ultimates – not something you often see with other brands

Spine has grown into what it is today out of supplyng the budget segment of the market, where customer is often the most demanding to the perceived feeling of price/quality. Now they apply the same tactics to high-end segment and it appears to work.

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