White Snow Movie: World’s First Biopic About Star Of XCSkiing Is Almost Complete

Look at the cover photo and say hello to Yelena Vyalbe and…”Yelena Vyalbe”.

The final shots of the full-size feature movie about the life & career of one the most prominent figures in the international skiing ever were filmed in Moscow this week.

Vyalbe’s lifestory is practically begging for a biopic.

Born & raised without a father in Magadan, the city featuring one of the harshest climates on Earth.

Can’t tell them apart! On the left is Yelena Trubitsyna (Vyalbe) in her childhood , on the right is Angelina Vyalbe playing the role of her grandmother

Universally recognized ski prodigy – who finds herself pregnant at 18.

The cross country skier who won the most world titles ever-ever ( the feat later surpassed by Marit Bjorgen) – and the unrivaled captain of the Russian skiing being both the chairman of the Ski Association and the head coach of the national team.

Olga Lerman, the actress who plays Vyalbe at the zenith of her skiing career – and Yulia Belorukova, ” the stuntwoman” for the role

And yes, there will be a part about doping. Including that famed, never before – never after episode, when Vyalbe grabbed a microphone from world championships organizers and apologized to a packed stadium in Trondheim for her own teammates who were caught doping.

Movie director and producers aim for full authencity: all actors use the real ski gear from 1980s and 1990s

There will be a lot of actual skiing in the movie: all actors playng athletes had to undergo a crash-course AND some of the Russia’s best skiere are playing their ” body doubles”.

Stefania Belmondo, one of Vyalbe’s arch-rivals on the tracks, is played by Valeria Romani / Veronika Stepanova

With filming done, the White Snow now goes into editing/ dubbing and is expected to hit the silver screens in February 2021.

All photos are courtesy of White Snow 2021 and Nika Stepanova Instagram accounts

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