Bjorgen, Sundby & Andresen Band Together To Launch New Project

“Workouts that Make You See Results Fastest”- that’s the credo of the new project by the three Norwegian stars who need no introduction.

Because SkiX is going to be headed by Marit Bjørgen, Martin Johnsrud Sundby and Ragnar Bragvin Andresen.

“Ski-X is a platform and in the near future also the app where we collected all the knowledge that we gathered in our years as athletes and coaches. You might want to see it as an Encyclopedia of cross country skiing: it will contain all the data regarding endurance and speed training (both on snow and “dry land”) , strength building exercises, skiing technique and even nutrition. It’s aimed at the very wide cross-section of the skiing community, from youth to very ambitious pros – everyone will able to find answers to her/his questions” says Andersen, who won the FIS rollerski world championships 5 times and is the reigning world champion in sprint.

Ski-X will exist as an online platform and a dedicated application for smartphone, at the launch in September this year it will be in Norwegian and English with more languages coming later.

The pricing model is not yet determined, but yes, it’s not a charity, so will sit behind a paywall.

The Ski-X project is nothing out of the blue – it’s a logical extension of the Holmenkollen Treningslab

Andersen and Sondre Sundby run what, likely, is the most advanced personal coaching club in the whole of the cross-country ski universe out Holmenkollen, as the name suggests.

Sondre, Martin Johnsrud’s younger brother, was/is the Olympic champion’s coach and training partner since 2012. So, basically, if you want to find out who helped Sundby Sr. to acquire that stellar technique of his with a physique to match – look no further

Andersen clarifies:
“We are not a ski club that takes its members to a fancy training camp in the Alps. We are personal training lab where we work with athletes from early morning to late in the evening. Being based at Holmenkollen, we utilize all opportunities the location offers, from the famed trails to indoor ski treadmills ( both classic and skate)”

Clearly, flying to Oslo for a couple of weeks ( or months? ) to be coached by same very people who coach the Olympic champs would be a dream for a vast majority of reading this now.

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And while it’s totally doable ( talk to Ragnar and Sondre, perhaps they could schedule you in!) – for the most of us the new online Ski-X would be the next best thing.

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