Top Rollerskier Launches His Line Of Dietary Supplements

At least two thirds of elite athletes use dietary supplements, according to one oft-quoted study.

And if athelets use these products, sometimes referred to as “ergogenic aids”, themselves it would be outright weird if they didn’t partake in the promotion. Not on the market worth a whopping USD 120+ billion globally.

Cristiano Ronaldo promotes Herbalife and Tom Brady the whole wellness / nutrition system called in case you forgot, TB12™.

And only in the xcskiing hitherto nobody was pushing her or his line of products.

Well, the skiing doesn’t lag behind on that trend no longer:

Dmitry Voronin might not be a household name for every ski fan on the planet , but it’s a very respected name in rollerski sprint circles and those of nascent superspint. The Russian has won several medals at the World Championships as well as the Sprint World Cup title.

In Moscow Dmitry is a top-level coach with his own swanky club house in the outskirts of the Russian capital.

Recently Voronin has helped Spine to fine-tune their pro-level carbon fiber boots and coached skiing to a group of actors playing in the biopic about Yelena Vyalbe’s life & career.

In short, Dmitry is a very enthusing example to someone who considers turning passion for skiing into a fully fledged business.

It’s only natural that now he expanded his growing business by launching a personal line of dietary supplements.

Products range from ubiquitous BCAA and Creatine to exotic Double Oxygen and Short Peptides

Can’t guarantee that buying them would guarantee you a personal coaching lesson with Dmitry – but he says that he tried all of his supplements himself and they work.

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