Gear Silje and Vilde Used On Their Multi-mile Rollerski Vacation

Well, you surely read our story about Silje and Vilde who embarked on long rollerski vacation across Denmark.

And now you want to know what gear and textiles the two young Norwegians used – 240 kilometers while pulling a heavy cart and sleeping al fresco is not something you want to do wearing a T-shirt from a supermarket and a pair of skis your uncle had stored in his garage!


Note Swix newest Roadline One poles – the company from Lillehammer promises that those are more gentle on your elbows while rollerskiing while maintaining the same low weight/ high stiffness as venerable Triacs. “They are amazing , – says Silje Vasvåg, – never tried any better”

IDT’s Classic RM2s, used by the most leading national teams, have been working hard to transform muscle power into propulsion along the Danish roads. (Not pictured on this photo)

Another “strictly skiiing” piece on the photo are those Northug Liberec gloves. ” Great grip. Super slim and stretchy. Alot of our athletes love them”.


That’s something on display for the first time: after a successful debute in eyewear, the Northug brand expands into textiles – big way. What you are seeing ladies wear is a part of the Northug Summer 2021 collection, due to hit shops in March next year. As you could see, it would be rather extensive: from shorts to jackets and back to sleeveless.

Says Silje: ” It was really tested to the limit! Throughout our trip it felt like we had summer, fall and winter. So we are confident this is a winning collection for all active people out there”

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