How SRB Wheels Are Produced


This is Lisa and she operates 5-axis CNC milling machine by DMG Mori Seiki. Yes, it’s as fancy as it sounds and is used for manufacturing very complex pieces for aerospace and medical equipment markets.

That’s exactly what Lisa is doing now: programming the machine to produce an alloy piece for aircraft maker, complexity of which defies imagination.

You’d be very, very pleased to learn that once the aerospace order is complete, the next batch in shall be hubs for rollerski wheels.

Because we are at the SRB plant in Zella-Mehlis where two thirds of output is for customers in aerospace, automotive and medical industry, with summer skis of own construction making up the remaining third.

On the same machines, with the same tolerances and life-cycle expectations.

Once milled, hubs will go to the nearby factory in Magdeburg, belonging to a giant Continental tire maker, where rubber will be molded on them for your future enjoyment.

Now you know.

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