Swenor Upping Ante

Pictures of the new flagship Swenor rollerskis have started to appear on webpages of the Norwegian company’s dealers.

And guess what?! They are carbon-fiber monocoque! Just to remind you,the French word means a construction where the outer skin carries all the stresses.

Carbon monocoque rollerskis are not altogether new – some 10 years ago boutique shops – Italian Globulonero and Spanish Quionne – were the first on the market with them. The monocoque construction immediately found its fans but failed to capture a significant slice of the pro-market. We reckon, because of the lack of sufficient promo-budgets (although Globulonero was sponsoring the Italian national team for several seasons).

Well, now the big guys have decided to join in that full-carbonskis party.

Last year Swix presented their vision – called Triac, naturally:

Spine has worked with some of the world’s best roller skiers on designing and testing their carbon-fiber soled race boots (the Russians are the world biggest ski boots producer by a fairly large margin). Whereas top rollerskiers could advise on carbon boots, they surely could help with creating carbon rollerskis, right?

And now Swenor, who’s rollerski tester & advisor
probably is ( we are guessing here) the sport’s reigning world champion in sprint , Ragnar Bragvin Andresen, is rolling out their version:

But man, that price! NOK 6400 equals some 580 euros at the current exchange rate! That’s about 50-60% more than what Swix asks for its Triac Carbon rollerskis and more than a double of the sticker price of Spine Carbons!

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