Rollerski Market Appears To Be Growing Like Flowers After Rain

We talked to many a rollerski maker in the last week or so – and they all sounded busy.

It appears that the rollerski industry is living through boom period like never before.

Sounds strange in these trying times? Not when you get to think about it.

” The consumer here in the USA has money. Our government has pumped a ton of money into the economy, and people aren’t spending it at restaurants and bars, so they have money left to spend. “, says Clayton Keim, founder & CEO of, maker of Pursuit rollerskis

Keim says sales figures this year so far exceed his projections – especially in top segment where he offers Pursuit skis. So much so, that at the times where many companies curtail their athlete cooperation programs, he is actually looking for the right team to sponsor!

OK, it has to be said that not every country has a luxury of activating that money-printing press that sent a check to every American, were they in dire straits or not, but the other part of the argument is totally applicable elsewhere. No restaurants/cinema/concerts/ team sports meant that people went to search for alternative pleasures.

That clearly, included that guilty pleasure of XXI century: online shopping

“Our online sales via have doubled compared to the same period of 2020. People understand that quality costs and will pay for getting products that last.”
says Paul Fletcher, Marwe’s marketing manager

But it would be unfair to attribute the growth only to extra coin clinking in people’s pockets after bar expenses were nixed.

” Investment in technology pays off. Our signature model, FF Classic is in particular demand with its unique floating fork that significantly reduces vibration and V-track wheels that add stability on tight corners. Overall our sales have doubled but we were expecting a high demand and put together a good stock” says Henrik Lindhagen, founder & CEO of FF Rollerskis

Neither did the pandemics stop newcomers from entering the market. Spine had grown to be the world’s largest ski boots producers – but hitherto they never strayed in the rollerski market.

“We invested rather heavily in developing carbon-fiber composites technology to reach world-class level in ski boots production. Now we intend to leverage our experience in production of carbon-fiber equipment by offering rollerskis meeting highest demands possible – indeed, they were developed in close cooperation with world’s best rollerskiers! “, comments Spine Sports CEO Dmitry Vargin.

In conclusion: rollerski market might be a niche one compared even to that of traditional snow skis – but it’s growing by leaps & bounds this year. More equipment choice than ever, new technologies – and your friendly local council that just built a perfect bike/rollerskate path that rollerskiers love to use too. What’s lacking is a proper media attention, ” the buzz” – but that’s what we are here for, so save & share!

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