US Skiers Share Their Takes On Ongoing

We are a sports publication and intend to stay clear from whatever political stories – that’s not what you expect here, anyhow.

However, when the story is so big that the stars of the Nordic start to reflect upon the events unfolding, we can’t quite stay away and offer a gist of what was said by them in the last few days:

Jessica Diggins was born in Minneapolis-St. Paul and was supposed to become the face of the first-ever Minneapolis FIS World Cup event. Alas, that one was cancelled at the last possible moment and Minneapolis 2020 shall be remembered for entirely different reasons.
Given, Diggins is the only true star the US xcskiing got, she gets national media attention and is fully aware that her every word in the current highly charged atmosphere would be quoted and interpreted ( or misinterpreted). Hence what appears to be very carefully written message urging mutual understanding – you are welcome to disagree with our take on that:

Diggins’ friend and teammate Alayna Sonnesyn who also has deep Minnesota roots, has posted a poignant missive to her readers making clear that for her the whole story is very personal:

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Today I ran for everyone but myself. But I still ran with privilege. I ran without the fear of coming into harms way. Unlike Ahmaud Arbery. I went home and felt safe. Unlike Breonna Taylor. I can ask for help and I am heard. Unlike George Floyd. Today, I ran for the people we’ve lost due to horrific brutality. For the families destroyed by injustice assumptions. I ran for my sister, who lives blocks away from protests and riots in St. Paul. For my dad who works in a Minneapolis hospital, located in the midst of the violent chaos. For my aunt, who was part of local media that got arrested and shot at last night on the streets, even though it’s THEIR JOB (and right) to be out there covering the news. I ran for my friends and family all over the world who feel unsafe or unprotected in their own communities. These recent events leave me distraught, frustrated and speechless. Unknowing of where to turn to or what to do. Ahmaud Arbery. Breonna Taylor. George Floyd. So many more. This world is heading down a self-destructive rabbit hole. Race, religion, gender, sexual orientation… when you judge someone because you think they’re “different” than you and deny them their rights, no matter how big or small you think those rights are, you are pointing at them with a loaded gun. So what can we do? We can EDUCATE ourselves and others. We can LISTEN. We can SPEAK UP. We can RESPECT. We can be HUMAN.

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Two up and coming stars of US male skiing are much more outspoken.

World Juniors 2020′ golden medalist Luke Jager re-posts the link to a 2017 study that seem to foretell the events of May 2020 in Minneapolis.

His teammate and fellow Junior world champion Gus Schumacher shares the link to the message by the NYC-based digital creator called Loui:

That’s all the reax we’ve seen so far. Other US skiers are either collecting their thoughts or unfeel like sharing them on social media. If we missed something – let us know.

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