Fans, Rejoice: Johaug To Compete Next Month!


World’s best female skier is to return to our television screens and papers’ pages when she takes a start for the first time in months.

The Norwegian national broadcaster NRK reports that June 11th Therese Johaug will take part in the annual Bislett Games this year dubbed “Impossible Games”. Yes, Bislett is about athletics but Johaug is a reigning Norwegian champion in 10000m so it all makes sense.

Frankly, does it really matter what the multiple Olympic and world champion competes in? Last year, for instance, Johaug took part in the competitive reality show Landskampen on TV2 – and it got great ratings. In other words, the audience wants Therese first – sport later.

…Somehow, we are ready for Klaebo taking on Bolshunov in poker or chess by now – as long as we get to see them competing!

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