Tore Berdal: Takk For Meg!

Marcialonga 2020 and Vasalopppet 2019 winner Tore Bjørseth Berdal has just announced his retirement from competitive skiing.

“The time has come to hang my skis, finish my studies and start a new job” a 32 year old leader of Team Koteng says on Instagram

Berdal is not just a very good skier – he’s a soul of Team Koteng (previously known as Team United Bakeries) and the whole of the Visma Ski Classics series. Remember that old “Women love him, men want to be him ” line? Might as well have been said about Tore!

…His retirement comes just days after another long distance skiing maverick, old-world champion and Marchialonga 2017 winner Tord Asle Gjerdalen from Team Ragde announced his.

Thanks a million for all the great moments on ski tracks, gentlemen – we are going to miss you!

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