This Is How Krista Pärmäkoski Trained Last Season


Krista Pärmäkoski has published her training regimen data – where else? On Instagram, naturally!

Here’s what we’ve learned:

During the 2019–2020 season, Ms. Pärmäkoski trained for about 900 hours, of which 356 or, roughly, 40% were done on snow. Which amounts to 9500 training kilometers total.

The breakdown is as follows:

– Skiing on snow : 2140 classic, 2390 freestyle for 4530 kilometers total.
– Roller skiing total: 2,174 kilometers. Of which 1147 was classic, 1027 freestyle.
– Running: 2084 km.
– Cycling: 684 km.

Altitude gain, total: 151200 meters

Finally, she burned 509,000 kilocalories last season in training. Now, how many macaroons is that?

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Hyvää pääsiäistä🐥

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