Jennie Öberg From Team Sweden Hit By Coronavirus, Tells About Her Experiences


Jennie Öberg from Team Sweden became the first top-level skier to suffer from COVID-19.

A 30 year old from Kalix, which is in Northern Sweden, almost on the border with Finland, describes how it felt in conversation with the Expressen newspaper:

– I had around 40 degrees of fever for several days, and no matter how many painkillers I took it never went down. I couldn’t eat or drink anything, felt so terrible that could barely leave my bed. It was so bad that at one point in time I was just caught myself thinking “ How long can one manage to endure all this? ”

In the end the 30 year old had to be taken to the hospital in nearby Luleå where she made a full recovery and is now back home.

Öberg was racing in the World Cup as recently as March, in Drammen, Norway, and says she has no underlying health conditions and has no idea where she could have contracted the virus.

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