Alpina Gets Prestigious Design Award For Elite 3.0

The Alpine Elite 3.0 boots line just received arguably the world’s highest appraisal in the field of industrial design: Red Dot Product Design Award.

It’s a big deal, the covered Red Dot is often seen gracing promo pictures of the winning models. To give you an idea: apart from Alpina 3.0s, the award this year also went to AirPods Pro and IPhone 11Pro to name but a few.

To put it bluntly, the Red Dot is turning a product into a coveted symbol of its owner’s …coolness? taste? deep pockets ( it only goes to top-of-the-line products in range)? all of the above? Well you decide, but we are totally in support of that trend when you buy because you dearly want that thing, not just because you find it useful enough!

It’s not a first time a cooperation between Alpina and design studio Jure Miklavc wins the Red Dot – the SK/CS line got it back in 2008 ( remember Petter Northug smashing the oppo in those? )

The prize is a much needed shot in the arm for the Slovenian maker of high-end ski boots: in the recent years ski manufacturers have tightened the screws on sponsorship terms along the lines “you want our skis? got to have our boots too!”.

As a result, not a single male skier in the World Cup Top 10 is using & promoting the Alpinas – likely, for the first time in the known history of xcskiing.

On women’s racing the situation is quite the opposite though: both the season’s best sprinter and the runner-up proudly sport Elite 3.0s at the podiums & elsewhere.

Linn Svahn , discovery of the year, in her Elite 3.0s
Jonna Sundling

Alpina’s top boots had never been cheap – but with the Red Dot at least you know what is that you’re paying for!

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