Introducing My Sponsors: Lisa Unterweger

Continuing “Introducing my sponsors” series. Lisa Unterweger from Team Austria is blessed to have the whole team of supporters behind her:

I am very lucky with the team supporting me. There are three main sponsors in the #teamuw, as I call it.

Of course the biggest one is my “headband sponsor“ the Olympiaregion Seefeld. Guess there is no further explanation necessary, as we all know it from the FIS Nordic World Championships in 2019. I’ve been cooperating with them for 2 years now and it was a huge honor for me to start at the World Championship at home, with the host as a partner at my side. I was really proud to represent them. But my relationship with Seefeld in Tirol goes far more back than that. In 2012 I was part of the Austrian Team at the Youth Olympic Games where we raced in Seefeld as well. And as an Austrian I have been racing and training there since the beginning of my professional career. So I have a very personal relationship and many great memories.

Lisa Unterweger with Ganic Vitaminwater founders & co-CEOs Birgit Laux-Flajs and Wolfgang Flajs

Another sponsor of mine that I’d like to introduce is Ganic Vitaminwater. It’s simply water mixed with different vitamins and healthy stuff, but it’s so delicious and just with few calories. It’s plant-based and there are many sorts of flavors. There are also different freshly brewed teas, called Ganic Tea and they’re also mixed with vitamins. This sponsor behind this drink is actually the company which is responsible for the distribution of Ganic Water and it’s called Premium-Drinks & more based in Austria. It’s a family business and I am really glad to call them my partners. They also visited and supported me at the FIS Nordic World Championships in Seefeld which meant a lot to me. They support me the best way possible and I owe them a lot.

The third big sponsor in my team is OLEOvital and they support me with iron, vitamins, magnesium and a lot more great products. They help me to stay fit and healthy. Especially since I have been fighting with iron deficiency for years until this product was recommended to me by my team doctor. Therefore with this cooperation I am trying to make people aware of this product and I hope I can help other girls and women or even boys or men who also struggle with their iron reservoirs.

A big “thank you” goes also to the car sponsor from Tobias Habenicht and myself. “Porsche Leoben” with the “Zurich insurance of Manuel Brugger“. With the support of them we were able to travel in style with our nice VW and Skoda car and reach not only our sportive goals.

Of course there are still other partners included in the TeamUW and I am happy for each of them. I guess in the last years it has been getting harder to find companies that support sport or in particular cross-country-skiing. So it’s not self-evident to have partners like them.

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