Klaebo: Process And Result. Plus A Bit Of Cristiano Ronaldo.

This week Johannes Klaebo delighted his fans by streaming his indoor workout session.

60000+ views from 45 countries – that’s more interest than some of pro-races generate (unless Klaebo and Bolshunov are in it, of course )!

We are of a firm opinion that most viewers were watching and repeating the Olympic champion’ moves not in vain hope of overtaking him on sprint ski tracks (just ask Federico Pellegrino or aforementioned Alex Bolshunov what THEY think of chances of that happening!)

No, the real reason the Youtube army of Klaebo fans was watching is because they want to have , well, the bod like him. At least a passing semblance.

Sadly, Mr.Klaebo does not himself believe that he is in competition with one Portuguese footballer in popular since Antiquity game of “who would expose more”….

Did we say Sad?

Luckily, that what a tabloid is for: to modify modesty – all the while filling you with that, you know, joy and enthusiasm for life.

Now you know what is that you train for.

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