Hard To Believe But FIS Congress In Thailand Still Not Cancelled

Yes, the International Ski Federation Congress in Pattaya, Thailand due to kick off in 8 weeks is still on.

Possibly, the last international event with 1000+ participants in the foreseeable future.

It might be just a formality – yet still the fact worth noting and, some would say, symbolic.

It was meant to be a special one: after 22 years as the FIS President Gian-Franco Kasper was going to retire with the Congress choosing his replacement.

A new boss of international snow sports would only become fifth helmsman in more than a century of the FIS existence.

As late as last week Kasper still insisted the Congress and,therefore election of his replacement would go on, but the world has changed massively since. Looking at the situation with corona pandemics at March 26 inconceivable that Pattaya will see the skis shakers and movers any time soon.

As to the fate of a new boss – our guess, we shall found already this week.

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