Introducing My Sponsor: Katharina Hennig And Nudossi

Word of introduction:

Top flight skiers all got sponsors – and their logos grace their racing suits and warm-up clothing.

The most prestigious place is, arguably, the one on headgear – at the risk of stating the obvious, that what’s gets to be seen the most on TV.

The Scandinavians and the Russians firmly reserve that place for the team’s overall top sponsor, so all the skiers wear identical hats and headbands.

The ” Continentals” and the North Americans have different traditions – that’s the place reserved for an athlete’s individual sponsor.

Allow us to be blunt: in these trying times for many a business, we want that relationship between skiers and their sponsors to endure. One way for us to assist would be by providing our platform for athletes to talk about those who sponsor them and yes, to, express their gratitude and appreciation.

We, in turn, would try to choose the most editorially interesting stories.

Without further ado: welcome Katharina Hennig and her sweet sponsor:

By coming third in 10k C at Val di Fiemme Ms.Hennig has not only ended the podium drought in individual races for the once-powerful German Langlauf machine – her obvious success in the season of 2019/20  increased the level of public interest  to skiing and – and, by extension, to her sponsor:

Nudossi is a brand of a hazelnut spread from Saxony where Katharina herself is from.


It contains a much higher percentage of hazelnuts than in its better internationally known competitor, Nutella.

Nudossi probably somewhat lacks in recognition in the Western Europe , but the brand is hugely popular in the East of Germany and other former socialist countries where it was once exported – or just brought home as a tourist souvenir of sorts. Everyone in the area would tell you how superior Nudossi is to the Italian rival (sorry, Ferrero!)

The medium-sized company from Radebeul near Dresden that produces Nudossi ( Sächsische und Dresdner Back- und Süßwaren GmbH & Co. KG doesn’t exactly rolls of the tongue, sorry ) cannot afford expensive advertising campaigns for its trade – but its sponsorship of budding sporting talents seem to be right on the mark.


I have Nudossi as my personal headgear sponsor for 4 years already. It was an honor to start cooperating with them –  Nudossi is a Saxonian company, consequently it’s a product of my homeland. So it’s a sponsor I can identify with. I’m happy to be a part of the Nudossi Family!

Katharina Hennig was born in Königswalde near Oberwiesenthal where she spent her childhood and for 9 years went to the special boarding school for young athletes. She still calls Saxony home, but now spends most of her time training in Oberstdorf, home of the world championships 2021.

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