Best Thing You Could Do: Work Out!


One word (or is it two?): Work Out! Use the current situation, don’t sit on your butt, stuck at home! Help yourself, help the whole skiing world!

Let’s start with obvious: skiing/ rollerskiing are non-contact sports, your chances of either contracting or spreading germs to a passerby on the tracks are virtual zero.

Far less known is that one old adage was debunked recently – up to a point. It had always been assumed that strenuous exercise lowers one’s body defences. Not so, say researchers at the University of Bath: they believe that endurance exercise actually does the opposite, it boosts your immunity, provided that exercise last around two hours!

Some regions or even whole countries felt they have to introduce a virtual curfew on its citizens. We won’t dispute the need for such draconian measures. But most places still “allow people out “- and it’s a good thing. “Cabin fever” is a real issue – especially if happens suddenly & is forced rather than by choice. It leads to stress and even mild depression/ stress can potentially lead to physical problems, including high blood pressure, now an established risk factor for the nasty coronavirus.

Finally, steel your will for two-hour outdoor ski/ rollerski session by thinking that every exercise is a donation albeit small to the whole industry. Skis get old, boots – worn-out and poles, sadly, break. Which means you might be tempted to buy new ones – and, chances are, never would be your already friendly local store as happy to see you as this year.

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Keep on living, keep on skiing!

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