Cognitive Dissonance, Now We Know How It Feels


…Shops ordered shut for the first time in living memory, competitions cancelled yet skiers continue to report how much they enjoy their day out on the tracks and gear manufacturers keep on peddling their wares ….

Instagram, that universal communication platform of our time would drive you crazy these days. Cognitive dissonance meets its classic description in real life for the first time.

Some wear rubber gloves when they push elevator buttons, others are happily going on #coronabreak ( trending in the last days). Thar might be age-related but we’re not sure.

We’ll leave it to bigger and allegedly staffed with smarter people media to worry about how the humanity would pull through the crisis. But would say with full responsibility that the last thing the cross country skiing ecosystem, already struggling to survive in the world of changing climate and changing fads, needs is another calamity. Hope it shows resilience and stamina often associated with skiing.

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