Here’s To First 10k On Instagram!


The Daily Skier has reached 10k followers on that must-have social media network of our times, Instagram.

Gives us an excuse to both thank our followers/ readers and to reiterate our credo:

We launched the Daily Skier to entertain while informing, in that order. If you find our content to be tabloidy that’s because it is.

We like watching competitions but our focus is on showing top athletes – as well as other players in the industry – as humans, characters, individuals. So, you are much more likely to see them on @Daily_skier before or after the race, rather than in it.

We ban all irrelevant followers e.g. get-rich-quick schemes or (our favorite!) nail salons of which there are a ton, it turns out. “Like for like” is not how we roll.

You can praise any athlete, team or gear you like – kind words are important. But criticism along the lines ” I just don’t like him/her/it ” is not welcome. Have your flaming wars elsewhere.

“The big idea” always was and remains to create an online community of those who love that august sport of cross country skiing and follow lives and careers of its biggest stars while getting kicks from looking at, purchasing and using the latest gear.

Thanks for reading, now and always.

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