Justyna Kowalczyk About Izabela Marcisz And Rest Of Her SuperSquad

This is Part 2 of our conversation with Justyna Kowalczyk. Part 1 is to be found here

Regarding that “Super Squad” moniker we keep on attaching to Ms. Kowalczyk’s team: It’s invented by us. After watching the young Polish skiers under the tutelage of Alexander Wierietielny and Justyna Kowalczyk train & compete in several locations throughout the year, the name “Super Squad” sprung to mind – and we feel it’s highly appropriate.

As far as we know, nobody ever tried that: selecting a few very promising skiers in their mid-teenage years and working on turning them into a world-class athletes, year after year, race after race, camp after camp.

We are not privy to details but are certain that it takes Kowalczyk’ status with sporting authorities and sponsors to pull it through.

And, yes – watching the growth, the progress of the “Super Squad” members, we believe that a breakthrough is just around the corner.

Our sport is changing. They start to train exceptionally hard very early. At 12-13 they already demonstrate powerful skiing technique similar to grown-ups…
There are 10 of them and there is no clear-cut leader. They all are kind of mavericks, all of them


Iza has a strong character – and she chooses her own paths in everything she does
Patricia is on her first year with us but she’s a very hard worker and good-natured person, smiles a lot
Monika Skinder is probably closest we’ve got to team leader
At the last years’ Junior World Championships we had one medal ( Skinder) and a fourth and a fifth place (  Marcisz) plus the 5th place in relay. This year we want to do better
Before Kowalczyk not many people in Poland knew about cross country skiing. Then things changed. And bosses of national skis federation want, of course, keep people interested in our sport
There will be a time when I would want a normal , settled life. But to see that at least some of these girls are truly thankful and that they see for themselves that the work we all do starts to bring results is very motivating.
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