Gear News: Unusual Brands At Juniors World In Oberwiesenthal

Apologies for starting with the obvious: most of the top athletes compete & win at the Juniors/ U23 World Championships using exactly the same brands as their older comrades in the FIS World Cup.

In professional sport best prospects are signed early in hope of seeing them win the Olympics and the World Cups one day. That’s something only large companies with serious sponsorship budgets could afford.

Not every large company is willing to invest in many junior, however and not every gear manufacturer is willing to sponsor grown-up world-class athletes with their ,well, fairly grown-up appetites.

That essentially means the Juniors at Oberwiesenthal are, among other things, are anextremely unusual face-off:

The equipment produced by second-tier manufacturers (basically, those who can’t afford Klaebo or Bolshunov) is put against larger, fancier brands.

Gus Schumacher won golden medal in Oberwiesenthal and is widely considered to be one of the most talented skiers of upcoming generation. Check out his poles….
…those are Race Ultra by Finnish manufacturer Start
Mattia Armellini have “sprinted” to the second place on homemade Italian skis…
SkiTrab’s AeroGara are well known among enthusiasts but exceedingly rare on top level – that is , until Armellini’s success
Czech-Austrian Kaestle are in Oberwiesenthal in force, primarily with the Czech team talents.
Zuzana Holikova is going strong and has already debuted on RX10s at the World Cup level
Olga Dolidovich represents Belarus – and is also a brand ambassador for Spine boots
Spine Carrera here are ” Tier 2″ boots – many young athletes especially find them a tad more comfortable in training than full-carbon range-toppers
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