Klaebo And Karlsson Generate Most Interest. How Come We Are Not Surprised?


…once athletes entered the room, reporters did what reporters learn to do at the first month interning and then keep as essential skill throughout career: jump & run to the biggest newsmaker.

“Newsmaker” is not necessarily the one who won or about to win. It’s more about who would generate the biggest ratings/improve circulation or, more recently,produce clicksand likes. Nothing personal!

It would surprise nobody that Johannes Klaebo and Frida Karlsson were by far the most popular today. It could be about that suspense: participation of either in Ski Tour was under question till last moment, – but it would not be the whole truth.

The brands ” Klaebo” and “Karlsson” are currently among the strongest in skiing and are comparable only to rising ” Bolshunov ” brand and that of erstwhile queen of skiing and major star of advertising, Therese Johaug.

Young, attractive popular with Gen Z and mobbed by eager sponsors, Frida and Johannes are ” it” skiers. In case of Frida it is also evident that her popularity survived a rather prolonged absence unscathed.

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