Cancelled, Cancelled, Cancelled…


La Transju – cancelled. No snow.

Tartu Ski Marathon – cancelled. ” Exceptionally mild winter in Estonia “.

Finlandia-Hiihto, country’s premier mass race is not happening for the first time since inception almost 50 years ago.

Those are not your local get-togethers – folks train for them specifically, book plane tickets and hotels to attend ( those tend to be NON-cancellable, alas).

It might be a bump the sport would get over with a shrug, but somehow we feel that it’s the last component of a ” perfect storm” :
General diminishing interest towards cross country skiing by the younger generation plus overstocking by retailers who’s margins are squeezed by online giants – and now cancellation of premier events that underpin sales in mid to top shelf sector…

We hope to be wrong but seems the skiing is fast moving towards where the biathlon resides: fun to watch them pros competing on a winter weekend, but who on Earth does it him or herself?

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