Åge Skinstad, Quick Portrait

There are captains of industry – and there is a ” captain of the captains of industry”

Meet Åge Skinstad.

It would be hard to find a person who had and continues to have a bigger impact on the development of the Norwegian cross country skiing in this century ( and the international skiing by extension).

Norwegian national team coach, television commentator, top lobbyist – and now CEO of Brav, a multi-million dollar corporation that owns Swix and Toko among the others.

” Acting CEO” Mr.Skinstad likes to stress – he only agreed to fill the shoes temporarily, while the owners are searching for replacement for a previous boss, who abruptly resigned last year. But he will stay with Brav once that task is accomplished and stir Swix and Toko through the choppy business waters as winters become warmer, snow scarcer and environmental demands louder.

55 year old Skinstad run 70k Marcialonga on Sunday (“wanted to be in the first 300 finishers – came 297!”), then hopped in the car and drove for hours to Munich to personally present his company’s future blockbuster” all-new Triac 4.0 Aero poles.

Do you have to be a good skier and to personally present your products? No. But it sure helps!

In the industry that is flatlining, Brav is buckingn rth trend by actually growing and expanding into newer market niches And now you know who is running that effort.

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