SPONSORED CONTENT: Spine Sports Presents Breakthrough Classic Boots

PRESS-RELEASE by Spine Sports

Yaroslavl, Russian Federation

January 23, 2020.

Spine Sports is proud to present a unique product at the ISPO-2020 exhibition that is opening in Munich next week:

The Ultimate Classic Integral features an entirely new approach to the design & production of top racing boots for cross country skiing.

Instead of the hitherto common ” sandwich” arrangement where several elements are glued or screwed together to form a boot sole, the Ultimate Classic Integral features a breakthrough construction where a metal bar, a key element of all NNN-compatible boots, is integrated into the actual platform.

The new platform is produced utilizing a brand-new technology of heat multi-component molding developed in-house by Spine Sports.

Says Dmitry Vargin, Spine Sports founder & CEO:

” The creation of the new revolutionary platform was a time-consuming, labor-intense process that required the involvement of the best specialists and many experiments. Research of this magnitude is something only an established company with long experience in the production of top quality ski boots can afford. We are very proud that it was our team that won the unofficial competition between leading equipment producers to come up with a new-generation platform for race & performance ski boots. ”

The new construction is not just significantly lighter than previously, it is also more customizable when it comes to torsional rigidity and more durable.

The upper of the new boots features hermetically sealed seams and is reinforced by custom-designed TPU-lamination in places where the boot surface is likely to come into contact with snow.


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