Cool Kids Got 100%. Now In Skiing Too


Some brands are cooler than others.

Before it was word-of-mouth and nonscientific. Now there is Instagram to check out who’s logo is current must-have – and who’s a daddy’s stuff.

800k followers don’t lie – these guys from San Diego, Cal. are current “it”.

“The 100% brand has always been synonymous with motocross Americana” their website says. Well, OK, buds.

But it’s here , on this resource because it just started to conquer the world of cross country skiing.

By signing up Team Norway’s Anniken Alnaes and Gjøran Tefre as well as the ” world’s fastest skier” currently, Lele Bechis of Italy.

Which means two things,essentially:
– cool brands believe in skiing’s potential.
– skiers of certain age when things like that matter won’t be a butt of jokes for wearing something that oh-so-2011 ( and we all know what is), never mind how ” practical ” it is.

That’s the way of the world, respected ones – and nothing shall change that.

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