Preparing For Race Is More Than Just Stretching


Is your hairdo perfect today? Looks like it is. And everything else is in order too.

…There is no such a thing as ” private space” for a star in public settings ( and often outside too).

If you are good enough for the World Cup – prepare to be constantly photographed and filmed whatever you do.

Cross country skiing is not football – in xcskiing the stars often have to mingle with fans and media the way aspiring local
politician has to mingle with smallish but adoring crowds, very close – and at times personal.

Fans in skiing are rarely as cruel as in aforementioned football, they won’t shout obscenities in your face as common in more monied sports.

But every and any sloppiness in your looks could end up being posted on TikTok or Instagram. Don’t give them that chance. Look 100% every time you step outside .

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