Skiing Suffering From Acute Case Of Wrong Marketing?


What do most people associate the skiing with? Majority would conjure up images of snowy forests and all that stuff we’re about to lose to global warming, man-made or otherwise. OK, not to lose – but it shrank already and looks like it would keep on shrinking.

What do you see on the picture here? We’ll tell you what, bluntly: a bunch of very muscular men at the prime of their lives, all ready, willing and able not only to run to the max but to push and shove if necessary. On eco-farmed snow. With hundreds of people on the stands drinking their beer watching the ski show with AC/DC tune blasting to the max.

It’s a show, ok? Nobody goes to an NFL match expecting to watch flag football. Time has come to forget about forest-ski and get into the groove watching the stadium-ski? Dresden shows it works, certainly starting to work – you just have to bill it right.

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