Alex Bolshunov Winter Victory Metal Is Forged In Summer


Winter victory metal is forged in summer. That or similar your coach probably used to tell you. And he was right.

We couldn’t stop telling you that at the top level money affect who wins: Norway, Russia and Sweden invest the most – and they win the most.

Dedication and smart planning certainly helps. Case in point: while the rest went home to celebrate Christmas, the Russian team had an intense training camp in Toblach – and training on the same tracks where you about to compete always helps.

But the core of the matter remains unchanged since the days of Gunde Svan ( and probably much beyond that): you have to train a lot.

Time and again, through summer, autumn and winter we were lucky to observe how much Alex Bolshunov trains and with what dedication. A lot, a lot more than his teammates, themselves among world’s top skiers.

Here he’s pictured with his coach Yuri Borodavko in a middle of a grueling 6 hour session that included biking, rollerskiing and terrain running. That’s where the origins of a 23 year old Russian’s incredible stamina lie.

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