Splendeurs &  Miseres De  Tour  De Ski

Splendeurs & Miseres De Tour De Ski

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... With her finish lunge Anamarija Lampič has brought victory for herself - and Slovenia. Thus proving beyond any doubt that in even in 2019 skiers from a country of just two million people could still compete and win. Johaug and Klaebo won what they were widely expected to win and Ustigov has proven that he's back in the game & roaring. ...From a purely sporting point, the fourteen edition of Tour de Ski is a full package, anything & everything that even an occasional fan of skiing might want. The problem is, the competition itself is hurting. ….According to a legend, Jürg Capol, then FIS xcski race director, had suggested the idea of Tour de Ski to Vegard Ulvang while in sauna. The same legend says that the idea…
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