Finn Haagen Krogh Acts As Sprint Team Coach Today In Davos. Women’s Sprint Team Coach!

It might be a wild speculation at this point in time – but we saw what we saw:

While the whole Norwegian Male team traditionally comes to high-altitude Davos at the last moment, an appearance of one its leaders on the stadium caused a minor sensation on Friday.

It soon became apparent that Finn Haagen Krogh came to act throughout the whole training session today as a coach or, as some call it, a squire.

Body language is quite telling here: Finn Haagen explains something to (partial) Norwegian female sprint squad.

As our photos would tell you, it’s not like Krogh is supervising some newbies – it’s the reigning World champion and the bronze medalist we’re talking here!

Note that Finn Haagen is the last in this file. This is a coach position in sprint training – so he/ she could tell mistakes on turns etc.

“Coach who runs” is a very effective method, it seems. Jostein Vinjerui and Hans Kristian Stadheim turned the Brirish team around in a couple of years, Ola Vigen Hattestad works effectively with the Slovenians and the Russians have several recently retired team members employed in that capacity.

Time has come for the mighty Norwegian team to try that ultra-modern recipe?

Krogh is on starting list in tomorrow sprint – so it might be a one-off affair. Or a start of glorious coaching career – we’ll soon find out
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