New Salomon S/LAB Carbon Skate Boots Are Here! First Proper Look

– When we say “they are here” we mean that the first pairs left a production facility and ended up on the feet of the very few selected athletes sponsored by Salomon who are competing in the World Cup.

– Predictably, Salomon is not yet giving away much information about the new boots, neither technical nor price/availability. Some bits we were able to glean – and are happy to share here with you:

– Salomon is officially supporting Pilot system for another few years, but with Jessie Diggins switching to Prolink this season, there are no Pilot-athletes left at the World Cup level. In other words – we seriously doubt there will be anything but Prolink.

New S/LABs are ably modeled here by Clement Parisse from Team France at the WC stage in Lillehammer
Close up reveals that they might be World Cup ready, but not quite sales-ready. In other words were are looking at some advanced Beta version here. And for a good reason – the new boots won’t be officially sold till next season.
Look from behind. The French company clearly counts on that being the only angle the competition would see a Salomon skier under
Even closer look might left you wondering ( it did with us) – where’s carbon cuff gone??!
It didn’t – those are made of uber-fancy injected carbon.
As Maurice Manificat passes virtual baton in 4 X 7.5k relay, we could compare the difference in looks between the newest Classic and Skate boots
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