Clarification & Retraction: Fischer’s Air Core Is NOT Nomex

Our story about ski cores stated unequivocally that all the leading manufacturers except for Madshus use DuPont-made Nomex® honeycomb in their top-of-the-line racing models while using in-house made honeycomb in cheaper skis.

That is factually wrong – and Fischer Nordic got in touch to object and to correct us.

Says Tanja Winterhalder, Fischer Nordic’s head of PR & marketing

“Our Air Core is patented and made by Fischer. The Air Core is specially adjusted to our design and materials and as a result the power transmission is better”.

The Air Core ( together with carbon sheeting it’s attached to officially known as Air Core HM Carbon) is underpinning Speedmax and , since a lion share of all ski competitions is being won on Speedmaxes, we have no reason to put that assertion into question.


Tanja Winterhalder, Fischer Nordic’s head of PR & marketing and Gerhard Urain, Fischer racing manager, see at the recent World Cup stage in Lillehammer
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