PSYOP Comes To Skiing?


If you think it was Johannes Klaebo or Alex Bolshunov who the fans who lined up the tracks of Birkebeineren ski stadium on Saturday were cheering on the most – think again.

Nope, it was Vebjoern Turtveit who has totally stole the show with his choice of ergh…racing apparel.

Moreover, we hereby postulate that wearing something like that in a mass start is nothing but a page from psychological ops or PSYOPs ! Surely no skier who follows a mighty 25 year old Norwegian on uphill could think of anything else but those, you know palms or whatever else is pictured.

Or just laugh hysterically.

Learn from the best, kids: Turtviet came strong 12th in the race that featured the world best. They probably did not see.

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