Swedes Get Massive Hike In Individual Salaries, But Team Achievement Bonus Is Gone


Base salary of the national team athletes was hiked quite a bit in a recent decision by the Swedish ski federation, DN reports

Charlotte Kalla, Stina Nilsson, Ebba Andersson & Co will from now on get SEK 200000/ year or around 18.700 Euros.

Not exactly what country’s top football or ice hockey players are used to but much better than previous SEK 120000/ year

Apart from the base salary raise, there are also more bonuses: a winner of a FIS World Cup stage would take home SEK 50000, second place would bring 30 and third 20K. Previously only winners were paid.

What’s gone is a peculiar collective same-for-all bonus Swedish skiers were previously paid if they took 30 World Cup podiums between them. Not so much jämlikhet any longer?

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