IDT Solutions, rollerski supplier to the national teams of Norway, Sweden & Russia, have announced that the company is changing its approach to essential component sourcing: instead of several manufacturers of ball bearings , from now on there will be just one:

Svenska Kullagerfabriken.

Better known as SKF, the biggest and , likely, the most iconic name in that “bearing business” worldwide.

Iconic brand products don’t tend to come cheap. But IDT boss Svein Iversbakken thinks it’s worth it:

“We used to purchase ball bearings from four to five different suppliers. The quality has generally been very good, but we have discovered quality differences within the parties from the same suppliers. This has been a moment of uncertainty both for us as a manufacturer and for all skiers who use IDT skis”

SKF’608 2RSL bearing that from now on will be used in all IDT skis, is a ” deep groove radial ball bearing with a low friction rubber seal” , according to a manufacturer’s website. They are meant to be maintenance-free throughout life-cycle.

Morten Iversbakken, IDT sales director, hints in conversation with the Daily Skier that using stock SKF bearings is just a start – the Swedish giant has agreed to co-develop an altogether new product “based on our specs and tolerances on heat and durability”. We say: custom-designed ball bearings sounds like one giant leap for mankind rollerskiing community!

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