Guess Which Poles Won

We are not sure why but a fact’s a fact and we want to you to mull it over together with us:

Every single one of Women’s Top 10 in the FIS World Cup 2018/19 went to use Swix Triac poles. No exceptions!

Here they are, Women’s Top Ten 2018/19

Ingvild Flugstat Oestberg
Natalia Nepryaeva
Therese Johaug
Krista Parmakoski
Stina Nilsson
Jessie Diggins
Ebba Andersson
Yulia Belorukova ( and Anastasia Sedova, another Swix poles user)
Maja Dahlqvist
Maiken Caspersen Falla

We could only congratulate Brav/Swix sponsorship management crew with such a tremendous result in women’s elite skiing.

But when it comes to men, however, Swix is actually BEHIND another pole maker in overall FIS Cross Country Cup standings! How is it possible we have no clue – but will tell you more later.

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