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This photo could have been taken at virtually any ski-making factory but happens to be from Atomic in Altenmarkt im Pongau, Austria.

Meet Nomex ® honeycomb aramid core that is to be found inside virtually every pair of true racing skis ( except for Madshus- they use a different material )

Nomex is a veteran – DuPont started selling it at the end of 1960s, although back then it was used in fancy applications such an aerospace industry.

It found its way into racing ski construction in 1980s and continues to dominate, as already mentioned: nothing provides comparable strength to weight ratio.

True Nomex ® is expensive and is only used in top models – cheaper skis get similarly constructed knock-offs.

It will continue to underpin racing skis until – at some very distance future – 3D printing would replace it.

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