Russians Reveal New Racing Suits – We Love Them And So Will You

That time of the year again: the teams start to reveal their new racing suits for the upcoming season.

Looks like the Russians beat everyone else this year – and their new suit is a bomb!

…Last year the Russian apparel giant Bosco di Ciliegi (yeah, with very Italian name – welcome to the new globalized world) stepped in at the very last moment as Adidas decided to stop sponsoring all Nordic sports.

The first attempt wasn’t a failure – in fact many, ourself included, liked that Soviet Constructivism design of the Russian suits 2018/19.

But just-revealed successor, the 2019/20 racing piece (or two – depending on your preference) is a quite a step forward nonetheless.

Pictures speak for themselves, but we shall add a few words:

– The new suit is a product of close cooperation between Russian, Italian and Swiss high-tech textile designers.

“Model” : Andrei Melnichenko

– The technical fabrics it’s made of are much lighter than those used in the previous Team Russia suit – we’d say, non-scientifically , as light as the lightest iteration of Team Norway’s Daehlie suit.

Stylized Russia on the chest …
Logos of the two key Team Russia sponsors grace the suit: Oil major Lukoil has been supporting the team for some twenty years, aluminum giant Rusal became a sponsor three years ago. The depth (in other words, the size) of the team is directly related to that unwavering sponsors’ support that is a key to success in modern sport
…and just “Rus” on the back which is made of different, breathable material than the rest of the suit

– It’s even less warm than before, clearly – and that seems to come on request from the skiers themselves. As one of them put it while trying the new suit on, “We do not intend to stand still on those race tracks while competing “. Point taken.

“Model”: Alexander Bessmertnykh

– It’s much stretchier than before, looks like there is some compression in critical areas albeit not excessive, ” Compression Lite”,as it were.

“Models” Ivan Yakimushkin and Ilya Semikov. Note that Yakimushkin suit does not yet look 100% fitted – for some skiers it’s still work-in-process

– Yes, it’s very much see-through. So much so that we did not dare publishing some of the pictures lacking express consent to do so from female skiers. Let us put this way: when it comes to transparency, the Russians have reached the level set recently by the Norwegians.
Make what you will of that.

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