Will Luxury Save Nordic Skiing?

Brush Creek Luxury Ranch Collection in Wyoming.

Not your average resort , what with “offering its guests all-inclusive pricing for accommodations, gourmet meals, premium beers, wines andspirits and a vast array of on ranch experiences.” We shall tell you about what that pricing actually is  a bit later – otherwise you might just stop reading before we could come to the explanation as to why this story is here.

…As Robb Report writes, ” Brush Creek has recently acquired the 600-plus-acre Green Mountain, with plans to launch it this December as a guests-only hub for downhill skiing and snowboarding, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and tubing”.


We, frankly, don’t care much about snowshoeing and even less about tubing – but the idea of skiing on exclusive resort appeals to us – just as it appeals to you, surely.


And now to pricing. A night at Brush Creek would set you down about 1000 green bucks. Per person. Not exactly everyone’s idea of budget holiday, skiers included.

But here is why we like it rather than gnaw our teeth at lucky ” onepercenters”.

In auto industry every Porsche 911 sold is  making  the company circa $20000 in profit. Eventually,  however , we all get to benefit as technology used in 911 trickles down to mass models and roads get better as 911s need better roads ( and  people who drive them know how to make it happen, love it or hate it)

The more Porsche 911 driving crowd (and there is little doubt that target audience of all brush creeks in the world are them)  gets into Nordic skiing – the more the chance investment will arrive.  The buzz will arrive. The  media will start taking note. When rich and the media agree on making something popular for the masses – it tends to happen (Tesla anyone? )

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Eventually it would all translate into more and better prepared facilities for everyone. Mass production of equipment would drive prices down. Top competitions featuring top-rate influences  – sorry, athletes – would be shown on national television rather than on some obscure subs-only internet stream.

Sure it’s a dream. But it’s not impossible.  We just have to keep on spreading the word as to how healthy and yes, sexy, the skiing is. And to welcome new xcskiing facilities – even if they are for $1000/ night crowd.




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