What Is That Brand Russians Are Dressed In

Team Russia racing suits are made by Bosco di Ciliegi or Cherry Woods.

Despite very Italian sounding name , the company is actually Russian – and huge, employing some 5000 people with dozens of uni-brand stores.

Bosco logo got quite a bit of television exposure already in its first season of sponsorship of Team Russia – here’s 1-2-3-4 Russian finish at Holmenkollen 50k last season

Anybody who’s ever been to Moscow, had likely stopped at the GUM by Red Square, country’s premier department store. Well, it’s leased in full by Bosco and also contains its flagship brand store.

With such a location one would suspect it’s fancy – an it is, with winter parkas, for instance, in excess of 1000 euros in ruble equivalent. It probably would be fair to describe it as a Russian answer to Bogner or, perhaps, Kjus.

With Russian stars like Natalia Nepryaeva actively participating not only in compulsory World Cup races but in fancy “ski shindigs” such as Janteloppet, the brand gets to be seen in all the right places for that elusive “affluent crowd”

Bosco is not a stranger to sports sponsorship – for years it was supplying dress uniforms for the Russian Olympic teams and even to the IOC personnel.

When Adidas, decades-long supplier of the Soviet , later Russian ski team had decided to end its Nordic sports sponsorships (with a notable exception of Team Germany), Bosco rose to the challenge.

And challenge it is: every skier needs dozens of different items to train and race on the top level. With the Russians being the world’s largest national squad (40 athletes in the senior team!) it’s definitely not a job for fainthearted.

Becoming a material sponsor of Team Russia is not for cash-strapped ones: there are 100+ athletes, coaches and technicians that need to be equipped

The gear The Russians are using is primarily sown domestically with some items made in Italy and even in Switzerland.

The design of the racing suits and the rest of the collection is inspired by the Soviet Constructivism of 1920s, perhaps the best internationally known art movement Russia ever produced.

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“…Say, Markus – could you get me one of those Bosco suits everyone’s been talking about”?
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