Meet New OW Boss, Not Same As Old Boss

Some 14 months after purchasing One Way back in May 2018, Fischer Sports have appointed a new manager for the brand.

Severin Lehner is a long-time Fischer Sports employee but his background appears to be fully in Alpine rather than cross country skiing. Whether it indicates any change of strategy or will OW continue to be producing stuff primarily for “skinny skiing” shall be seen.

What’s clear, however, is that Fischer Sports, the world’s biggest xcski equipment producer and one of the biggest overall in winter sports, has decided to keep One Way separate rather than amalgamating it into its own brand.

Many a star who used to run with SLG 10 poles have continued to do so after the ownership change last year – although there were some who switched to new sponsors.

OW’s 2019 stars include

Doro Wierer
Anamarija Lampic
Charlotta Kalla and Ragnhild Haga

One Way was launched back in 2004 by mercurial Andreas Bennert. It quickly rose to prominence with the first Olympic gold won with OW sticks already in Turin’06. In 2018, however, the Finnish company filed for bankruptcy with the brand eventually bought by the Austrian winter sport giant.

picture of Severin Lehner courtesy of Fischer Sports

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