Summer Skiing Shatters TV Ratings In Norway

More than 350,000 viewers turned their TV sets on to watch
Toppidrettsveka’s Aure-Brekka race thus setting an overall audience record for the summer broadcasting in Norway.

Overall, Toppidrettsveka led the ratings battle with 1,426,000 viewers over six events broadcasting with Blinkfestival being second with 1,245,000 over seven.

In the country of 5.3 million people, babies included!

Even in Norway ratings like this are far from automatic – on the contrary, it requires a careful choreography of schedules, venues and budgets .

And, of course, making sure that the stars – both domestic and foreign – come to participate and not elect to hop off to some distant camp.

Kudos to Harald Fladseth & team at Toppidrettsveka and Arne Idland & team at Blinkfestivalen – you really built great events worth of emulation!

Could it be even better? Sure it could. When top Swedish female stars will start attending, for instance – and it’s probably a matter of when rather of if. We shall be waiting.

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